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Applying for Certification


Determine Certification Level:

Explore the certification levels and determine which one best describes your experience, education and training. You can test at whichever level is the best fit. It is not necessary to complete testing at a lower level before taking a higher level exam. You cannot be certified unless you meet all of the requirements for a specific level.

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Certification Information

It is a historic and exciting time in WACYCP history.  The WACYCP has been certifying Child and Youth Care Professionals for the past 33 years (since 1981).  We have certified thousands of competent, professional youth care professionals in a variety of practice settings.  It has become a main focus of our organization and we are proud that you are currently among the certified in WI.

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Save The Dates!

20th Annual Youth Worker Awards Ceremony

 Details Coming Soon!

 Greater Together International Collaboration Youth Worker Conference

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Cardinal Strich University Milwaukee

Supervision Training

Leadership training to be rescheduled


Youth Care Certification Explained

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