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"Meeting the needs of Wisconsin’s Child and Youth Care Professionals”

WACYCP is a grass roots organization founded in 1962 by residential childcare workers, who were students at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UW-M).

In 1968, the group became formally incorporated as the Wisconsin Association of Child Care Workers, while helping to form the National Association for Child and Youth Care Practice, from which it derived its present name.

In 1979, WACYCP finalized a partnership with the UW-M Division of Outreach and Continuing Education, forming the Child and Youth Care Learning Center.

Today, the Learning Center plans staff development and education programs, while also providing consultation and technical assistance to WACYCP. The educational programs are held in conjunction with WACYCP’s professional certification process. The first applications for certification were accepted in July, 1981. Since that time, the Certification Board of Review, consisting of practicing child and youth care professionals, has met quarterly to review and approve applications from across Wisconsin. Members are encouraged but not required, to become certified.


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19th Annual Youth Worker Awards Ceremony

May 9th 2019
Doubletree Hotel Downtown Milwaukee

 Annual Youth Work Conference

June 11th 2019
Cardinal Strich University Milwaukee

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 Thank A Youth Worker Day

May 9th 2019

The School of Continuing Education Youth Work Learning Center