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Membership Options

Category  Cost  Benefits
Agency Membership $100/year-budgets under $500,000
$200/year- budgets over $500,000
Contact the WACYCP office to sign up
  • Free webinars for all agency staff
  • Discount on all agency staff that attend the annual conference
  • One email contact for all WACYCP correspondence
  • Recognition at all WACYCP events
Individual Membership FREE
Sign up on www.wacycp.org or contact the WACYCP office 
  • Free webinars that are co-sponsored by WACYCP and other entities
  • Discount on WACYCP events
  • Email correspondence
  • Membership certificate upon request
National Membership $35/year and available via www.acycp.org
  • Journal of Child and Youth Care
  • Membership Certificate for both WACYCP and ACYCP
  • Discount on ACYCP and WACYCP events
  • Email correspondence from ACYCP and WACYCP
To contact the WACYCP office, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (414) 519-3130. To register with WACYCP, please fill-out our registration form.

Save The Dates!

2017 Annual Youth Worker Conference
Thurs June 1st 2017
Theme: Greater Together

wacycp CONF logo 2017

Intentional Collaboration and Annual Youth Work Awards Event - Thursday, May 11th, 2017 

The School of Continuing Education Youth Work Learning Center